Golden Retriever

Many people are in love with the Golden Retriever. Why? Because the Golden is an intelligent dog that easily adapts to various situations. He will feel at home both with a hunter as in a family. He can be an excellent guide dog for the blind. He loves to play, especially retrieving or hide-and-seek games. He does not like to fight, does not have a temper nor is temperamental. He learns quickly and eagerly, swims in any weather condition or dirty water. He is a happy retriever with a soft mouth.</p>

A good Golden Retriever is easy to handle, reliable, intelligent, fearless and he doesn’t bark much. He needs lots of exercise en will revive when being trained. It makes sense to think about what you exactly expect from a dog before choosing one.</p>

Does he need to excel at exhibitions, working tests or field trails, obedience or other dog sports?</p>

The first Golden Retrievers were born on the estate of Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland (Guisachan) in 1864. The first breed standard was established in 1913 and the Kennel Club in England acknowledged the breed club. In 1920 we saw the first ‘dual champion’, a champion in both work &amp; show. The combination of work and show is possible and is called “dual-purpose”, but some people are more attracted by either one of the characteristics. The serious breeder wants the puppies to end up at the right place since they will always remain a bit ‘his puppies’ when promoting the kennel name through the breed performance.</p>