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15/04/2018:lentewandeling Kasterlee, inschrijven via site.

mei 2013

Lentewandeling Lommel.

Zondag 19 mei 2013, wandeling voor vrolijke bazen en sociale viervoeters !!!

18/05/2013 CAC Wieze.

Keurder (juge/judge) : Mr. Martin Baskaran (Esp)
Reuen (Males/Dogs): 17.
Teven (Femelles/Bitches): 17.

Een nieuwe titel voor Fashion du Bois de la Rayère

Fashion du Bois de la Rayère heeft er een nieuwe titel bij: INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION & INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION.

The Yellow Retriever (Peter Mills & Malcolm Morecroft)

For all interested in the history of our breed

Due out in May 2013, the result of 25 years of research

Written in co-operation with historical researcher Malcolm Morecroft, it gives credit to the people that really ensured the original ‘Tweedmouth’ breeding survived to form the foundation of the breed we love today as the Golden Retriever. It examines in detail the personalities and early enthusiasts who registered the Golden Retriever as a separate breed and formed the Golden Retriever Club.

Hardback cover, and fully illustrated